Yummy Sauvignon Blanc

Bird and Moon over SB Pick

Well, another day in the books after picking Sauvignon Blanc.  We ended up getting a nice 12 tons and finished the block out, so it came out kind of light.  We just got a total of about 18 ½ tons for the whole block (creek piece), so a little on the light side but it’s really good.

Creek Piece SB Pick

During the pick, I went to the winery to check in on the racking of the juice we pressed on Friday.  God is it YUMMY!  Man, it is so, so, so GOOD!  The best that I can remember.  Period.  I’m excited about it.  We have it going down for fermentation into 10 stainless steel barrels and 8 new French Oak barrels.  It will probably get started fermenting in the next couple days.   Acids looks good, sugar was a little high but not too high, and the flavor is just incredible.

I’ll tell ya that really helped my mood out, as you could tell from my last post, I was kind of grumpy about not having quite enough pickers.  But after tasting the stuff from Friday I came back to the vineyard with a smile on my face, and Tracy was there kind of watching over things for me, and leafing on the bins and ready to take some pictures.

Mia on Trailer

Tracy got a couple of pictures of me holding a couple of scraggly looking clusters that we pulled out just as an example of the kind of things we remove when the pickers are bringing their boxes to the bins and dump them.  We look for leaves, especially green leaves, and those clusters.  These guys pick clean, but they are trying to go fast too, so the occasional stuff gets by.  That’s why we hang out on the back of the trailer with the bins waiting for the fruit to come so we can get out what we don’t want.

Water Berry

One is an example of pure water berry, and one is water berry plus a little raisining. 

Water Berry and Raisins

The kind of thing you don’t want to have go in, if you can avoid it.  It’s a very small amount, you’d be amazed if you looked at the percentage it’s less than a hundredth of a percent of the total.  We did 12 to 14 rows and if we threw half a dozen of those away today, I’d be surprised.

So we got it picked, it took a little longer than I would have liked, but it did get picked off really nice.  We got it loaded up and to the winery.

SB Loaded to Press

Loading the Sauvignon Blanc into the press.

Press Pan Foam

Juice coming out of the press into the press pan. 

It looks like from the foam that there is a fermentation already going there, but that’s actually natural proteins in the juice that when they get aerated a little bit, they form some foam on top.  So there’s no fermentation, that’s all fresh juice.  Nice and tasty. 

That’s in a tank and settling nice and cold until Wednesday when we come back to rack it off (like we did Friday’s juice) and get nice clean juice off the settlings to go down to barrels for fermentation.

Stainless Steel Barrels

Steel barrels with juice that was pressed on Friday ready for fermentation.

New French Oak Barrels

New French Oak Barrels with juice pressed from Friday. 

Tomorrow we are going to go after the Bressler’s Merlot.