Finished Sauvignon Blanc

It’s 5:30 in the morning. I wanted to catch up before I head out to the Bressler Merlot pick. Bressler is a client that has been making Cabernet since 2000 in western St. Helena. Bob and Stacey have a couple of other things besides Cab planted in small amounts, and Merlot is one of them.

The last time I wrote was Thursday evening, and we were going to go after the last of the Hyde Sauvignon Blanc the next day. We did that on Friday, it was a nice pick, with 7 tons for Selene. We brought it in and got it pressed. Since that was our third pick at Hyde this year, we had it down to a science with the pickers and tractor drivers.

I also visited a client and walked the vineyards with their winemaker. We have had some good ripening weather, mid 80’s, so things look good.

I stopped by another client, and picked up a sample of what had been crushed the day before. I got yeast in that tank, and took the sample up to the lab.

I picked up the two stainless steel barrels that Wayne had fixed and took them back to Laird. I checked on the Sauvignon Blanc juice, and it’s doing well.

Saturday was catching up in the office with emails and phone calls, and planning for the week ahead.

Sunday I went to Calistoga and visited a client there and walked several vineyard blocks while we talked about planning. One of the things that came up was the numbers that we receive from analysis on juice and wine. I had something come up on Saturday that I haven’t mentioned. I received a pretty suspicious number from the lab on the Sauvignon Blanc juice we picked on Friday. I was able to call the winemaker at Spottswoode to check on what numbers she got, since Selene shares that block with them. Based on what she said, I asked for redo of the numbers. Sure enough, the numbers were off. You have to use your common sense, which isn’t easy to do when you are tired and just want to move on to the next thing so you can get it done. You have to keep your wits about you. That certainly came up with the client I was working with as well…. Be suspicious of numbers that don’t seem right. Double-check them, and if they come up the same, that’s okay. We certainly need our numbers, but you can’t depend completely on numbers, you have to use common sense as well.

I checked in on one of Selene’s Calistoga vineyards, the Frediani Merlot. I had a tentative pick date of this Wednesday. I called Jim Frediani and rescheduled it for next Saturday. It just seems like it needs more time. I’ll get out there to check it again on Tuesday and to check the Cab Franc vineyard that I have with Frediani also.

Then I went over to Laird to rack the Sauvignon Blanc, which was picked and pressed on Friday, off of its settlings. Laird is a busy place, but Sunday afternoon it was just Chris Benz and I. So we got to do all the cellar work! I only get to do that occasionally, so I jumped at the chance. We did our sanitizing, and got the pump and tank ready, and did the racking ourselves. It also gives you a chance to wash some of the vineyard dust and grape goo off your boots while you are washing everything down. The juice tastes really good. I’m really looking forward to the Sauvignon Blanc this year.