Frediani Cabernet Franc

Tracy and I are in Frediani Vineyards at the Cabernet Franc block.  We are heading into some warm weather.  Today is supposed to get to low 90’s but then we are suppose to head into the 100’s. 

Cab Franc 

I see Jim Frediani is putting on some water, which is a good thing, getting them ready for the heat.  Like we talked about with the Sauvignon Blanc, only more so here, we are getting closer to verasion. 

Cab Franc Tips

We are seeing some tips actually burn off the ends and active growth has slowed down very much, and has almost come to a stop.  We may be about three weeks away from color change.

Cab Franc Cluster

Grape bunches look pretty good.  They are fair size, but again not fully set.  In other words there are a few berries per cluster that haven’t set because of the weather during flowering.  I do see some 2 cluster shoots on the nicer length shoots.  We will get a decent crop, but not really heavy, not 2005 or 2006 like, but it still looks good.