Frediani Merlot

Now we are in the Merlot.  Looks like a little bit more over here than in the Cab Franc. 

Looks more like the Sauvignon Blanc, in that it’s just starting to slow down.

This vineyard has really come into its own the last 3 years.  It used to be this weak little thing on a pile of stones.  But the St. George (root stock) seems to have really taken hold and now we have some nice mature vines.

Merlot Mature

Walking down a row, thankfully it looks like the crop is good.  You know with the kind of shatter we are seeing in the Cab Franc and some other things, I worry that every cluster is going to look like this.

Merlot Scraggly

Pretty much a lot of nothing!

But we have a lot of other clusters that look beautiful.  So there will be a nice balance here.  So there are clusters that look like that, but then you have a cluster that looks like this.

Merlot Full Shoulders

Nice shoulder and fairly full (85% full).  So we won’t have the crops we had in 2005 or 2006 but we will have a good normal crop, which is what we are always looking for.

Growth is good, Canopy is open.  Jim has obviously been taking good care of them.  My bet is that he has watered these over the weekend.  It looks like they are ready to deal with any hot weather.  They have a lot of nice green growth, and they seem pretty happy.