Harvest 2011 Update

There really hasn’t been much to report or talk about this harvest, so far, except for rain.

We have had rain when it was forecast, and we’ve had it when it wasn’t forecasted.

When Mia first heard about the first big rain that was coming, she called Larry Hyde right away to get on his picking schedule.

We picked the Hyde Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc on October 3rd, just before the first storm hit. (Just happens to be the same day we picked last year.)

The Blessing of the Grapes we went to at Hyde before harvest helped us bring it all in safely.

The 2011 Selene Sauvignon Blanc will be the 20th vintage of Selene Sauvignon Blanc from Hyde Vineyards!

It’s fermenting away in barrels and tastes like guava, kiwi, and pink grapefruit.

This week Mia has been tromping through vineyards checking on grapes, sugars, and vines.

We went up to Calistoga to see the Merlot at Frediani Vineyard for Selene, and to St. Helena to check on all of Bressler Vineyards grapes.

On the way up valley, it was weird to see, and hear, so many of the big wind machines running in the vineyards in broad daylight. I could see how powerful they are, with the vines really moving under their simulated wind power. Mia said it was a way to help dry out the vines and get air flowing around the grapes.

Frediani Merlot looks really good this year, with a very nice set. The rain didn’t set it back too far, so Mia has scheduled it for picking October 20th.

The Bressler Vineyards vines and grapes look really good. The Cab Franc and Merlot and Petite Verdot all taste really good. Mia has scheduled the Merlot and Petite Verdot picking for October 14th.

So far all the vineyards Mia has visited seemed to have faired well. Mountain vineyards have drained well, and the valley floor vineyards get your floor mats in your truck dirty.

This year is different for me, as I’ve never seen so much ‘green’ in the rows between the vines before harvest. It’s weird to see a cover crop or weeds growing when we would normally be irrigating. (look closely at the pictures posted above) Mia mentioned that there hasn’t been much, if any, irrigation this year.

Like every other winemaker, Mia’s hoping for nothing but sunshine until everyone gets their grapes in. – Skippy