First Look at Dead Fred Vineyard

Here we are at Dead Fred on Monday June 25th.

Dead Fred

Things look pretty good here. Two clusters for most shoots, but they are a little bit on the straggly side, so not full clusters. 


Some of the clusters that look like they might have flowered later under cooler conditions are less full, than the ones that flowered before.  They are less full and the berries are a little bit behind in terms of their growth.  Since this vineyard has such a long season, (around the second part of October is when we pick it) they will have a chance to catch up.

They look real healthy.  It looks like Mike Wolf has been through at least one time to trim the top.  Some vines in a little bit more vigorous areas needed it more than others.  For the most part, in most of the vineyard it looks like maybe 40% of the shoots got tipped.  This one also looks like it’s slowing down its growth a bit, just a few tendrils and growth tips hanging out there.

Lateral and Seconds

There is a pretty good amount of laterals with some second crop on them.  That will slow down the growth as well.  Those laterals will get nipped out later.  These are the ones that are a little bit higher on the plant, so they don’t interfere with the fruit zone as far as sunlight and spray efficiency.

Healthy Green

You can see the clusters pretty clearly.  The vines look very clean, healthy and a nice green color.  Now we are getting ready for berry softening and color change next month, around the end of July.

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