Best of: Chocolate

Chocolate. You either love it, or live without it.

Mia and I aren’t huge dessert fans. We aren’t really candy fans either. However, a really nice peice of chocolate, with what’s left of the red wine after dinner, is a perfect dessert in our book.

We prefer dark chocolate, and if it’s over 82% that’s even better. We don’t ‘stock’ chocolate or candy, and really, we could take it or leave it.

That was before a good friend (Thanks Beth!) gifted us some chocolates from La Forêt.

If you don’t like chocolate or ‘candy’, I challenge you to try some of Wendy’s creations. Her shop is in Napa, so there is no excuse not to stop in (call first to make sure she’s there!) and get some of our favorites:

Chocolate covered Honey Comb – yep, sounds weird, yet it’s sooo good. Milk or Dark Chocolate option too! I’d be surprised if you didn’t fight over the last piece (we do).

Malted Milk Balls – Loved them as a kid! This is the adult version (no waxy choc coating on these bad boys!)

Coconut Lime Marshmallows – Wow! Do not pass these up! Chocolate covered fluffy Marshmallow square of goodness rolled in Coconut.

Almond Turtles – When Mia bought these, I said “really?” Never had a turtle I have even remotely liked. Actually I’ve spit most of them out. We fight over these too.

I could go on and on…salted caramels, pumpkin seed butter toffee and chocolate bars sporting different flavors every time we go in.

We stopped in yesterday and Wendy has made the most beautiful “Surprise Easter Eggs” – stuffed with goodies!

She even has some chocolate Bunnies! Get there, you’ll thank us later! – Skippy