More tasting and touring

Today started by going to one of my clients where we were picking some cabernet on a rocky hillside. It looked good, and we got a nice yield of one and a half tons. While I was there, I walked through the estate vineyards and tasted though some of the cabernets growing there. Things have made some nice progress since Tuesday, which I like to see. It’s only been a couple of days, but we have had some nice ripening weather and things are beginning to happen with some of these Bordeaux varieties.

Then I went to Laird, where the Selene wines are made, to check in on everything. I talked with Chris Benz, the Laird winemaker, about possible picks for next week. I picked up one of my stainless steel barrels that needs to be repaired and took it up to Wayne, the welder. Then I got a bonus; someone wanted to get rid of a stainless steel barrel, and wanted to do a wine trade for it. Every port in the storm – we need all the barrels we can get, so I made that deal and took that up to Wayne also.

Then I went to the Bressler’s to look at some Merlot that is coming on pretty quickly. We are looking to pick that either Saturday or Monday. There is also a piece of young Cab Franc that might get picked along side the Merlot.

Then I went to another client’s vineyard in Calistoga. Then I was off to Stagecoach vineyard to check on Selene’s cabernet vineyard. It was my first visit up there since veraison. Things look really good there. Flavors still need to come a little way. There are still some herbaceous flavors, but fruit flavors are starting to pop up. It was too late in the day to do a sampling for sugar and numbers. I just wanted to take a peek at the vineyard, and do a little tasting.

I spoke with all three clients I was working with today, and we talked about what is going on in the future. Everyone is happy.

I arranged a pick with Jim Frediani for the Selene Merlot next Wednesday. We got a 24 as I mentioned yesterday. Flavors are definitely coming along there. We may pull out of that one, or push it off a little, but it’s good to get it on the schedule.

Barrel ferments at Laird are looking good. They are quieting down, and not foaming over as much, so we got a chance to clean them off.

Tomorrow we will be heading back to Hyde Vineyards to get the last of the Sauvignon Blanc. Then all the whites will be in the barn.