Old Block Sauvignon Blanc

Now we are in the older Sauvignon Blanc block.  We were in the newer block, which is not that new since the vines are about 10 years old now.  The berries actually look larger here, even though in terms of ripening, they are usually about a week to 10 days behind the new block.

Old SB Grapes

These are old soldiers here.  You can see some of the trunks of the vines.   This was all own rooted stuff that Larry had in the late 1970’s.  Some of them have succumbed to phylloxera and they have had root stock put in next to them. 

Old SB Block 

But you can see there are a lot of old guys still left out here with old cordons and big trunks. 

Old Guys

Again like the newer block they haven’t needed to be trimmed yet.  They look like they have grown on average about 6 inches less.  It looks to me more like the vines are getting close to doming back with their growth tips.

Old SB Vine

Larry’s crew will probably head out here for shoot thinning after they get done with the new block or river block.