3 Wine Guys Podcast for Selene Wines

Just another day at the office. I’m working on renewing licenses for all the states that run on a fiscal year, (and let me tell you there are a lot) while Mia is tasting the 2009 Sauvignon Blanc and the 2008 Merlot, so she can finish up the tasting notes for both wines.

I know what you’re thinking, she gets all the good jobs, but in her defense she’s been pretty busy with Barrel orders and getting ready for another bottling. I tell ya, getting these tasting notes out of her hasn’t been easy!

The timing of the release of the latest Podcast from the 3 Wine Guys couldn’t have been more perfect! I downloaded it and we sat in the office working while we listened to it.

If you haven’t checked these 3 Wine Guys (Terry, Stevo and Scott) out, here’s your chance! For this podcast they did the entire lineup of Selene Wines!

2008 Sauvignon Blanc
2007 Merlot
2006 Dead Fred Cabernet
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon
2004 Chesler

You can download it from their website, or if you prefer, you can get it from their ITunes page.

The cool thing about their podcasts is Terry, Stevo and Scott each have their own likes and dislikes in wine (different flavor profiles/varietals). Listening to them describe a wine as they are tasting it gives you a much better idea of what the wine really tastes like. I don’t know about you, but it’s always been more difficult for me to read a written review of a wine and get a sense of what the wine really tastes like and if I’m even going to like it.

Keep up the good work guys! – Skippy

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