Frediani Merlot Vertical Tasting

Once or twice a year, Mia and I do vertical tastings of our wines. This is pretty important for a number of reasons.

Mia wants to see how the wines are evolving in bottle. Once in a while we get asked how an older vintage of Selene is doing, and where it is at now. Should it be consumed now, is it at it’s peak or should it be held, and if so, how long will it age? Vertical tastings help us answer these questions, so we can give a pretty good description of where the wine is, and where it’s going.

As a winemaker, Mia wants to make the best wine she can for that vintage, without straying from the flavor profile that she likes, and that our customers have come to know. In other words, when you open a Selene wine, it should be the Selene wine you have always loved, even vintage to vintage.

Tastings like this one is also a good time to include the vintages that are in barrel (haven’t been bottled yet) to see how they compare to the previous vintages of the same wine.

For this Merlot tasting, we only included the Merlot from Frediani Vineyards in Calistoga.

vertical merlot

Here is what we tasted, and our thoughts:

2005 Selene Merlot Frediani Vineyards – Hold/Drink – This is showing like a big wine right now. Blackberry Jam and Molasses. Lots of life left.

2006 Selene Merlot Frediani Vineyards – Drink/Hold – Nice integration of blue fruits and oak. Smooth and good length. This is in a pretty spot, but will last.

2007 Selene Merlot Frediani Vineyards – Drink/Hold – Chewy and Jammy with good balance and length of fruit on finish. Yummy now!

2008 Selene Merlot Frediani Vineyards – Not released – Boysenberry cobbler, long powerful finish. Almost ready for release, should be great by summer/fall.

2009 Selene Merlot Frediani Vineyards (in barrel) – Youthfull blackberry jam, and red fruits. Tasty!

There has been some recent press on the Selene Merlot from Frediani Vineyards. The Iowa Wino gave his thoughts on the 2007 Selene Merlot, thanks Dan!

During Mia’s recent trip to Ohio, Burke Morton gave his impressions of the entire Selene lineup (current releases) on Wine Think. Thanks Burke!

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