Boyanci in Peru

As many of you know, Mia is a consulting winemaker, meaning she not only makes wine for her label, Selene, but also for a few clients.

One of Mia’s clients is Boyanci Wine. The owners Kevin Boyer, Tom Steffanci and Sarah Steffanci Murray take volunteers on a trip to Peru each year to help Coprodeli. Boyanci supports Coprodeli by donating 10% of it’s profits each year, and by taking these volunteer trips.

They have a blog, so you can follow along and find out what it’s like to be a volunteer there in Peru. Check it out on their Blog:

Be Uplifting

They are all in Peru now! Their stories are not only incredible and life changing, but inspirational.

For this years trip, they opened up the comments section, so all the volunteers can make an entry on the blog comments.

We are proud of you Boyanci!